Current NEWS

2/13/2021 - The Vienna Historical Society received an email from Mr. Thomas Starr of Howland about a picture frame that he purchased 25-30 years ago at a local garage sale. Behind the picture in the frame was a keepsake marriage certificate. Frank P. Peters and Pearl F. Carter, both of Vienna, married on February 16, 1915, were named on the certificate. Mr. Starr wanted to know if the Society was interested in the 16" x 20" document. Due to its genealogical nature, the Society decided to get this item back to the Peters family. Using a combination of genealogical resources, Jeffrey Ford, Society Board Member, was able to locate relatives that were happy to receive the certificate, just in time for Frank and Pearl Peters' 106th wedding anniversary.

Above: Image of Frank P. and Pearl F. Peters.

Right: Frank and Pearl's keepsake marriage certificate.

The couple were married in Trumbull County on February 16, 1915. They are buried in the Vienna Township Cemetery.

1/10/2021 - The Vienna Township Trustees recently purchased a case for the Society to display artifacts from its collection. All artifacts in the case are labeled with a description and name of the donor. The case is located in the Vienna Township Hall.

10/11/2020 - Society members worked in September and October to preserve Dunlap Cemetery. Over two dozen tombstones were reset and cleaned. Work in the cemetery will continue in the spring of 2021.

Society members work to restore Dunlap Cemetery, Fall 2020.For more information on cemetery preservation efforts click here.