Vienna's Inventors

"To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." 

                     --The United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 8

After the English colonists in North America invented a new nation, their leaders sought to encourage innovation and discovery by creating in 1790 the Federal Patent Act, signed by President George Washington.  The first patent examiner was Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.  T
he individual states at first resisted federal control, and the requirement that all patent applicants appear in person slowed the system.  The 1790 act was repealed, and another was enacted in 1793.  Applicants submitted a description, drawings, a sworn statement that their inventions were original, and a thirty-dollar fee.  By 1839, the federal government had created the United States Patent Office to handle the great numbers of applications being filed. 

As one would expect, the patents awarded to Vienna residents are inventions of their respective era.  The earliest available Vienna patents, awarded in the decade after the Civil War, describe improvements to household work (washing machine) and to farming (harvester-cutter grinder).  Vienna's coal era is represented by Morgan H. Evans's patent for an improved coal-drilling machine.  And the rise of the automobile manufacturing industry in the region in the twentieth century is chronicled through the great number of patents created for General Motors (with an assembly plant located in Lordstown). 

Thanks to Google's patent search engine, inventions created and patented by residents of Vienna may be very easily found.  But your Vienna Historical Society has already done the work!  Please enjoy learning about Vienna's role in the history of technology and the history of the nation through these historic patent applications, presented in chronological order by year.  All current patent applications are excluded until approved. 

All links open in a new browser window; documents are in PDF format.  Patents obtained by more than one person are noted as a "group patent" with the Vienna resident's name listed for easy reference, even though that resident's name may not have appeared first in the patent application.  

Sanford, N. M., Improved Washing Machine, 1866

Barker, Joseph P. , Improvement in Harvester-Cutter Grinder, 1871

Evans, Morgan H., Improvement in Coal-Drilling Machines, 1874

Everett, William F., Attachment for Anvils, 1910

Buckley, Duer H., Steering-Gear Connection, 1911

Buckley, Duer H., Automatic Bottle Locker, 1915

Buckley, Duer H., Steering Device for Automobiles, 1915

Schadt, Albert M., and Merle Griffis, Scattering-Unloader, 1920

Noel, James C., Paint, 1920

Griffis, Merle L., Holder for Yard or Cord, 1940

Buckley, Duer H., Stepladder, 1950

Buckley, Duer H., Cap for Soil Pipe Clean-Outs, 1957

McMullen, James W.,  Ring Mill, 1960

Somlitz, Arthur A., Rip Cord Handle Guard for Chest Types of Parachutes, 1964

Parker, Delbert R., Lightning Arrester, 1965

Parker, Delbert R., Expulsion Lightning Arrester, 1966

Parker, Delbert R., Magnetic Drive Lightning Arrester, 1968

Lay, Norman W., Rural Mailbox Signals, 1969

Duncan, Norman D., Molding Compositions Comprising Isotactic Polypropylene Blend, Filler and Metallic Soap, 1969

Gibbs, Winfield D. (group patent), Automatic Drinking Glass Washer, 1970

Drescher, Warren F., Dolly System, 1973

Lofaro, Sante D., Cut Off Plate for Curbing Machines, 1974

Drescher, Warren F., Dolly System, 1973

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Printed Circuit Connector Terminal, 1975

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Weather Sealed Lamp Socket Assembly, 1976

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Female Terminal, 1976

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Matable Electrical Connector Means with Inertia Lock, 1977

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Locking Shield for Electrical Terminal, 1979

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Electrical Terminal with Anti-Tangle Tangs, 1979

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Pin Type Electrical Contact Terminal, 1979

Beaver, Perry L.(group patent), Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Bearing Wear, 1980

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Electrical Component Package for Interconnection Between Plug and Socket Connectors, 1980

McMullen, James W., Magnetic Strip Separator, 1981

Patterson, Michael J., Hunting Arrow, 1981

Rodway, Jack L., Vertical Gunning Apparatus With Television Monitor, 1981

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Weatherproof Electrical Connector, 1982

Plyler, Robert G.
(group patent), Lamp Socket, 1983

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Hinged Collar Clip, 1983

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Blade Terminal with Protected Latch Tangs, 1983

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Electrical Connector with Latch Terminal, 1984

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Electric Socket Terminal, 1984

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Electrical Header Assembly, 1985

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Socket Connector for Parallel Circuit Boards, 1985

Parker, Douglas I., Microscopes, 1986

Plyler, Robert G.(group patent), Electrical Contact and Bandolier Assembly, 1986

Plyler, Robert G., Wire Bundle and Grommet Assembly, 1986 

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Duplex  Insulation Displacement Terminal, 1986

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Preloaded Electrical Connector, 1986

Lu, Song-Chin S. , Steering Wheel Pad Keyboard Switch Assembly, 1987

Plyler, Robert G., Universal Grommet Retainer, 1987

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent),
Low Profile Wedge Base Lamp Bulb Socket Assembly, 1987

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Fuse Package, 1987

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Electrical Connector Having Resilient Contact Means, 1988

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Electrical Connector Lock With Gauge Pin, 1988

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Electrical  Connector, 1990

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Fiber Optic Connection System and Method, 1991

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Two-piece Electrical Female Terminal, 1992

Glink, Michele A.  (group patent), Stabilized Aqueous Solutions for Preparing Catalysts and Process for Preparing Catalysts, 1994

Trebilcock, Lionel F., Pallet Nail Press and Method of Use, 1994

Placek, Edward A., High Efficiency Steam Generator, 1994

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Non-Intrusive Cylinder Pressure Sensor, 1994

Sabo, Brian R. (group patent), Spark Plug Book with Improved Lubricant, 1995

Gorbatoff, Christopher J., Dual Detent Dome Switch Assembly, 1996

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Secondary Terminal Lock Plug Through Stuffer, 1996

Polehonki, Ralph J. (group patent), Header Assembly Having a Quick Connector Filter Pack, 1996

Plyler, Robert G., Electrical Connector Assembly Employing a Connector Position Assurance Device, 1997

Siegfried, David Glen (group patent), Automotive Vehicle Modular Buss, 1997

Siegfried, David Glen (group patent), Automotive Dome Light Arrangement, 1997

Hanton, David J. (group patent), Coil Position Adjustment System in Induction Heating Assembly for Metal Strip, 1998

Quarles, Ruth, Method for Treatment of Psoriasis, 1998

Plyler, Robert G. (group patent), Connector Assembly, 1999

Arkwright, Sharon Elizabeth Wingert (group patent)Top Down Electrical Distribution Center Assembly, 2000