September 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes: September 20, 2015

Present: Christine Novicky, Phil Pegg, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Pamela Clower, Dylan Anders

Absent: Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: Christine Novicky informed the members of the Board that the Society currently has 39 paid members for 2015. Christine also reported that some old Township documents were located in the Road Department’s garage by Mike Penrose.  Christine said that she would help move them from the Road Department to the town hall and place the materials with the Vienna Township archives at a later date.  Christine also informed the group about some emails that were exchanged between herself and Eddy Lamberty, a man from Belgium, who emailed her looking for pictures and information on PFC Edwin G. Davis.  Helen Clower via Carly O’Neill sent some photographs and other information to Mr. Lamberty. Christine also acquired some historical items pertaining to the Township’s history from eBay including a Liberty & Vienna Rail Road Company stock certificate from 1870 (purchased for $82.00) and a Vienna Store three-dollar merchandise voucher from the 1870s (purchased for $40.18).  Christine also mentioned that it was a year ago today the dedication of the historical marker took place on the green in Vienna Center.

Vice President’s Report:  Pamela Clower informed the Board about a raffle basket that was put together and donated to the Fowler Historical Society’s Tractor and Car Show & Raffle.  A basket was also assembled and donated to the Mathews Band Boosters for their raffle. Also, Pamela reported on the Society’s attendance at the Currie and Baker School open houses.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan read a letter from Debbie Marquette explaining that the Class of 2015 was making a donation to the Society from left over senior class funds in the amount of $182.69.  Dylan read a note of thanks from the Newton Falls Library for a previous donation by the Society.  A letter from Dallas Woodall was also read.   He explained that the Vienna High School Class of 1955 had put some additional money together to fund a new trophy case for the Vienna Township Hall and that the check was forthcoming.  More discussion with this needs to be done with Dallas – Who will the case belong to? Who currently owns the contents of the cases?  Are there more trophies to put in the case? Christine will contact Dallas to discuss further.

The Board approved the minutes as written from July 2015.
    - Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Norma Brink

Treasurer’s Report: Pamela Klinger received a check from the Mathews High School Class of 2015 in the amount of $182.69.

A check was approved for $35.00 payable to the Mathews Athletic Boosters (Beth Glancy) for the purchase of a MHS Fall & Winter program advertisement.
    - Motion: Phil Pegg, Second:  Norma Brink

A check payable to Christine Novicky in the amount of $122.18 was approved for her purchase of two eBay items purchased on behalf of the Society.  The items are listed above in the President’s Report.
    - Motion: Pamela Clower, Second: Phil Pegg

A check payable to John W. King for $100 was approved for payment of his upcoming Abraham Lincoln talk slated for September 29th.
     - Motion: Dylan Anders, Second: Norma Brink

The current fiscal report was approved (1/01/15 - 9/20/15) in the amount of $3,993.38.
    -Motion: Pamela Clower, Second: Phil Pegg

Historian’s Report: Shirley informed the group that she is in the process of submitting pictures and GPS coordinates to because the Society’s historical marker information was accidentally removed from the site.  In addition, she will be adding articles and other information to Viennapedia and about the historical marker.  Shirley is also in the process of creating and producing a museum quality exhibit banner that will be used to share information about the society at the events that the society attends.

Unfinished Business: The board discussed the success of the first archives project meeting, and will plan a date for the next meeting soon. The Girl Scout troop contacted Lauren Worona and has decided against a cemetery restoration event at this time. The Board discussed a potluck dinner to potentially take place in November or December to accompany the annual end of the year meeting. This event is intended for paid members only.  President Christine Novicky discussed visiting Mathews High School with the Fowler Historical Society to recruit students. Also the Board discussed future program ideas, including Sally Thomas, and a speaker about the Ashtabula Railroad Disaster.

New Business: Ta Mara Conde recently visited the Vienna Township cemetery and completed the pending work on the obelisk.

Gifts: The Society reviewed and accepted gifts from Christine Novicky, which included pieces of the Mathews High School recently removed gymnasium floor, and knitted poppies from the 2015 Memorial Day Observation that were created by Shirley Wajda.

Motion to Adjourn: Norma Brink, Second: Pamela Klinger