September 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
September 9, 2014

1. Roll Call of Board Members

Present-Dylan Anders, Phil Pegg, Christine Novicky, Pamela Clower, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink
Absent-Shirley Wajda, Lance Klinger

2. Officer Reports

a. President

· Sent THANK YOU to Donna Schieffer’s son for donations

· Sent THANK YOU to Laura Davis, Liz Clark (speakers)

· Newspaper clipping from Dallas Woodall dated 1938

· Sent THANK YOU to Joyce Villecco for $ donation – friends with Ruth Miller & has pendant from Rex Leach era

· Paid Erie Insurance Premium - $202.00

Motion - Phil Pegg, Second - Norma Brink

b. Vice President

c. Secretary - Approval of Minutes from Feb, March, April 2014

Motion - Pamela Clower, Second - Pamela Klinger

d. Treasurer - Approval of Fiscal Report from Jan 2014 - Sept 2014

Motion - Dylan Anders, Second - Norma Brink

e. Historian

3. Unfinished Business

a. Historical Marker Planning

· September 20, 2014 @ 12:30 PM at the gazebo

· Coloring Contest – Norma Brink

· Cookie Reception – Pam Clower

b. Tax exempt status

· According to IRS website: we are tax exempt once again!

· Changed address from Dallas Woodall’s office to PO Box.

c. Recruiting students from the High School

· Jeff Parent 7th & 8th grade, Binben 9th, 11th, Julie Buckner 12th, Marsh 10th – will do sometime after historical marker dedication

4. New Business

a. 2014 Fall Program ideas!

· Dave Cover – Butts Museum tour

· Emily Varner - Trunking along

· Traci Manning - Arms Museum

· Wendell Lauth

· Chris Fischer - Abe Lincoln talk

· John Caparanis  – Cortland City Council, radio talk show, Gov Jacob Cox –friends with President Garfield, lived in Warren, ties in local Civil War stuff – suggested by Mike Miller

· Sally Thomas

5. Adjourn

Motion- Dylan Anders, Second- Phil Pegg