September 2008 Meeting

On September 30, fifteen hardy souls braved a sudden rainstorm and met with Vienna Trustees to discuss the possibility of organizing for a variety of preservation activities in Township. Trustees Heidi Brown, Jeff Dreves, and Phil Pegg opened the discussion, pointing out the importance of preserving a community’s heritage and the role of local history in building a community’s future. The Trustees fully support the establishment of a historical society, one that could receive legally the Township’s records and undertake preservation projects.

Township residents then discussed a variety of initiatives that could be undertaken, including, but not limited to:

o Nomination of Vienna Green and Township Hall to the National Register of Historic Places;

o Nomination to the State of Ohio Historic Inventory of structures within the Township;

o Repair and preservation of the Township Cemetery, including the caretaker’s cottage and the raising of funds to repair gravemarkers and sculpture;

o Oral histories of the Township’s oldest residents, with suggestions that Mathews High School students may be interested in participating in such a project;

o Collection of photographs, yearbooks, and other pertinent artifacts.

Discussion then turned to possible sites of an historical society, and the possible artifacts and records that could be collected for study and display. (Printed and manuscript records and artifacts are currently on display in Township Hall.) Residents recalled shared memories of Home Days, Hull House, and other community activities, and discussed the early manufacturing industries of clockmaking, harrow making, and rifles.

Those in attendance agreed that an historical society is desirable and necessary, and several volunteers took on tasks in relation to establishing such an organization. Township residents and others interested in Vienna’s past and future, as well as local history in general, are invited to the next meeting, to be held at Vienna Township Hall, on October 28, 2008, at 7 P.M. For more information, please contact Township Trustees.

Submitted by Shirley T. Wajda