October 2012 Board of Directors and Members' Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting, October 30, 2012, 7 pm

Present: Christine Novicky, Dallas Woodall, Pam Clower, Phil Pegg, Pam Klinger. Absent: Natalie Novicky, Donna Schieffer, Shirley Wajda, Lance Klinger

Agenda and discussions:

· Approval of minutes from October 30, 2012.

o Motion-Pam Clower, Second Phil Pegg.

· Dallas Woodall distributed and discussed Treasurer’s Report.

· Per Phil Pegg, the Vienna Township Trustees received $56,083.46 from the gas wells that they have put into the Cemetery Fund.

o Discussed cemetery needs: roads to be repaved, two water pumps need repaired, and slate roof needs repaired on Groundskeeper’s Building. Clean up Groundskeeper’s building for a display area.

o Lauren Worona to make a list and submit it to VHS President to pass on to the trustees. 

· Per Christine Novicky: Officers and board members to visit Mathews High School to recruit students sometime in the future, in the classes of Mr. Miller or Mr. Parent.

· Per Christine Novicky: Report on Vienna Home Day – the Society offered a merchandise/information booth and self-guided tour of the cemetery (Lauren Worona had about 20 visitors).

· Per Christine Novicky: report on Society’s Cemetery Walk on October 6, 2012. Sixteen people attended the Cemetery Walk. Collected $97.00 in donations. The walk on the 7th was cancelled due to weather.

· Per Christine Novicky: 2012 Cemetery Restoration/Preservation Days were a success in June and July. August cancelled due to weather.

· The text for the Historical Marker was discussed and voted on.

o The draft will be passed on to Historian Shirley Wajda for further review and she will continue the application process with the help from the President.

o The draft will also be sent to the members for input.

o Permission letters to be sent to the Presbyterian Church and the Trustees for the marker to be placed.

· Christine Novicky reported that member Paula Smigrocky ill and in hospital.

Vienna Historical Society Members' Meeting, October 30, 2012

· Following the Board of Directors meeting the Cemetery Walk was discussed for the general membership. There were 12 people in attendance.

· Shirley Selbe donated pictures to the Society.

· John (Goody) Goodworth donated Home Day 2012 DVDs to the Society.