November 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Director Meeting
November 12, 2017

Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Klinger, Jill Pegg, Pamela Clower, Phil Pegg, Dylan Anders, Norma Brink

Absent: Shirley Wajda, Michele Garman

President’s Report: President Christine Novicky noted that there were 41 members of the Society.  She added Cathy Turner to the Society’s email list so that they can update the sign in the center with meeting dates and times. She received two 2017 Mathews High School yearbooks from Ms. Hintemeyer via Pam Klinger: one was delivered to the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library’s genealogy room and the other was placed in the Society’s yearbook archives. In August a basket with a shirt, mug and bicentennial plate was donated to the Fowler Historical Society for their annual Antique Car & Tractor Show & Raffle event.  President Novicky continues to send updates to Shirley Wajda for Viennapedia and the website (recently: Class lists for 2017, 1945, 1946 and bylaws and officers needs updated).  She also reported that the Girl Scouts, under the supervision of Wendy Gibson, started a project in the Vienna Township Cemetery to record and photograph all the markers in the “old” section, or section south of the old sexton’s shed for the Society. Christine also contacted Ta’Mara Conde of Massachusetts.  Ta’Mara is very interested in working on the broken stones and leaning obelisks in the Vienna Township Cemetery.  She will be in Ohio the first week of December and Christine will notify the Board and the Vienna Township Trustees the date and time so that they can meet and discuss with her recommendations and prioritize what needs done.  Christine reported that she recently got the 1936 ViHi yearbook digitized and will to take it to Minuteman Press in Hermitage to print a copy since the original is in such a fragile state. She also reported that the Society participated at the Local History Showcase that took place at the Historical Village during this years Trumbull County Fair.

Vice President’s Report: Pam Clower reported that Allegiant Air was leaving the airport in January of 2018.  Jeff Penny (Mathews High School band director) resigned in the summer of 2017.  The new band director is Hailey Baker.  Home Day was held on August 19th and the Society was there with pictures and merchandise for sale.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan Anders sent thank you notes to Lauren Schroeder (April speaker), Cassie Nespor (September speaker), Ms. Hintemeyer (for the 2017 yearbooks) and Gordon Butler, Marge Mealy Sponcil, and John Clower for their donations.  Letters to the principals at the high school and elementary school were sent with Michele Garman to deliver.  These letters talk about about the existence of the Society and share the Society’s mission statement.  An insert was printed out in April for the Mathews-Vienna Alumni Association to include in their invitations. Several calls and donations to the Society have resulted because of this!  A letter was also received from Rebecca Rogers about the clock factories that existed in Vienna.

The Board approved minutes as written from April 2017 and September 2017.
•    Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg
•    Second: Pam Klinger

Treasurer’s Report: Pamela Klinger reported that a check for $202 was sent to Dreves Insurance.  A check for $1,000 was send to Jamison Art Conservation in Cleveland for the restoration of the red survey book owned by Vienna Township. The Society was splitting the cost of repair with the township for the book.

The current fiscal report (1/1/17-11/12/17) with a fiscal amount of $2,904.55 was reviewed by the Board and approved:
•    Motion to Approve: Dylan Anders
•    Second: Pam Clower

Christine Novicky was written a check for $110.76 for expenses for the Society that were previously reviewed by the Board.

Historian’s Report: Shirley reported in an email that she added our historical marker to the Historical Marker Database at  She was also contacted by Kay Verch, her great grandfather was from Vienna, Rev. Robert Stranahan. His son Frank left Vienna in the late 1890s to go to Florida – he is considered one of the founders of Ft. Lauderdale.

Other Board Member Reports:
•    Christine Novicky gave a report on behalf of Michele Garman – the Copper Penny Car Show was held on June 11th and the Society conducted the 50/50 raffle.  The Society was also present at the fall open houses at Baker and Currie Elementary Schools in August.  Michele also attended the Mahoning Valley Historical Society Founders Day on September 10th and took the Society’s display.
•    Jill Pegg shared the progress of the red survey book restoration with the Board
•    Phil Pegg reported spoke with the 3rd grade students at Baker on May 17th. He also reported on this years Memorial Day where the Society re-dedicated the Soldiers & Sailors Monument since a new eagle was made and put on top.
•    Norma Brink brought up that the Society could make fans to give away, similar to what Leavittsburg did at the Local History Showcase.

Unfinished Business: The archives found at the Road Dept by Mike Penrose still need to be moved to the Town Hall where the other archives are located.

A new Society logo with the eagle on top of the monument was designed by Christine for the Society’s official letterhead and is now in place.

New Business:  The Board decided to have the annual members meeting and dinner at the Town Hall on Sunday, November 26th at 6 PM.  Christine would send an email notification to members for reservations.  At the meeting there will also be election of Board members. Terms are up at the end of this year for Jill Pegg, Phil Pegg, and Dylan Anders.

Donations were accepted by the Society from:
•    Richard & Su Turner (Donation received: 4/4/17)
•    John Clower (Donation received: 4/29/17)
•    Gordon Butler (Donation received: 4/29/17)
•    Marge Mealy Sponcil (Donation received: 4/29/17)
•    Gregory Hall (Donation received: 6/25/17)
•    Shea Davis McKelvey (Donation received: 8/05/17)
•    Richard Sheridan (Donation received: 10/05/17)
•    Helen Clower (Donation received: 11/12/2017)
•    Christine Novicky – Ruth Miller estate items (Donation received: 11/12/2017)

Motion to Adjourn: Dylan Anders  Second: Jill Pegg