November 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2016

Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Klinger, Jill Pegg, Pamela Clower, Norma Brink, Phil Pegg, Dylan Anders
Absent: Michele Garman, Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: Christine Novicky informed board members that there were forty-seven members of the Society that paid their dues for 2016.

She also reported that she received the MHS student artwork from Mrs. Erika Mitola via digital copy.

Darcy Niswonger Vega donated the 1949 and 1950 Viennese yearbooks for the Society’s collection. The Society received a Vienna High School Flyers pennant from Jim Clark (Class of 1958), a 1922 Class Announcement from former teacher Stephen DeGenero, and a Vienna Alumni Association Class Log Book from Rena Cesta (Class of 1962). Various items were received from Barb Hart Ullom, including a red Mustang pennant, two letterman V’s with pins and 1953 and 1954 Vienna High School yearbooks. The Society also received an early 1920s photo from Doug Scott (Class of 1964) at the recent Viennastock in August.

The Society acquired two 2016 yearbooks from Ms. Hintemeyer, the MHS Yearbook advisor. One was donated by the high school to the Society and Christine dropped off the other yearbook to the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library for its local history/genealogy room.

Christine also informed the Society that she received a box of items from Tom Domes to scan for Society of miscellaneous records from the collection of the late Fred and Paul Shoff. Noted items in the collection included a 1926 Trumbull County Annual and a miniature Vienna High School pennant. Edwin Davis was a relative and some items were found in the collection and scanned as well. These items were scanned and returned in a timely manner to Mr. Domes.

Vice President’s Report: Vice-President Pamela Clower gave a brief report on the Currie and Baker Elementary School open houses. The school open houses attended by Christine, Pam Klinger, Pam Clower, and Jill Pegg and an information booth about the Society for the public to view was also on hand.

Some of the members of the Society attended Vienna’s annual Memorial Day observation at Mathews High School and passed out programs to the public. Attendees included Norma Brink, Michele Garman, Jill Pegg, Phil Pegg, and Christine Novicky.

Pam also reported that the new St. Thomas the Apostle Church was dedicated (Pam read a Tribune Chronicle article dated 7/4/26) and the Mathews Board of Education named a new principal, James Stitt, to replace Randy Cameron.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan informed the Board of corrections of the meeting minutes from March 2016 and November 2015. He informed the Board that a thank-you note was received for the donation of yearbooks to the library. A thank-you note was sent to the following people for above listed donations: Darcy Vega, Stephen and Marian DeGenero, Barb Hart Ullom, Jim Clark, Doug Scott, and Rena Cesta. Liz Clarke and Dale Fellows were sent thank-you notes for their presentations to the Society.

The Board approved corrected minutes from November 2015.

  • Motion: Norma Brink
  • Second: Christine Novicky

The Board approved corrected minutes from March 2016.

  • Motion: Pamela Clower
  • Second: Pamela Klinger

The Board approved minutes from May 2016.

  • Motion: Norma Brink
  • Second: Phil Pegg

The Board approved minutes from September 2016.

  • Motion: Phil Pegg
  • Second: Jill Pegg

The Board approved minutes from October 2016.

  • Motion: Pamela Clower
  • Second: Christine Novicky

The Board approved minutes from November 2016.

  • Motion: Jill Pegg
  • Second: Christine Novicky

Treasurer’s Report: The board members approved the current fiscal report (1/1/16-11/13/2016) in the total amount of $3,805.42.

  • Motion: Dylan Anders
  • Second: Pamela Clower

Historian’s Report
: none

Board Members Reports:
Phil Pegg: The Eagle & Soldiers and Sailors Monument has been fixed! A new eagle was put atop the monument on November 16th. Phil also mentioned that a rededication would occur on Memorial Day of 2017. Phil also suggested that our logo be changed and include the Solders and Sailors monument instead of the VT logo. Board members liked this idea and will look into it more.

Unfinished Business: Records still need to be picked up and retrieved from the Road Department garage.

Christine stressed the need to digitize 1900s maps that the Road Department currently has, these could be scanned by Minuteman Press, or the Board could get into contact with the State of Ohio Historical Society to see if they would be willing to help us preserve these documents.

Mike Penrose, Road Department/Cemetery Sexton, has offered to help with inquiries in the cemetery due to his knowledge of the area. Mr. Penrose helped with some inquiries that were emailed to the Society over the summer.

The Board would like to work more on the following projects next year: the archive project, better access to photographs and cemetery information for those making inquiries, sorting photos from the Vienna Fire Department, and gather oral histories from John Goodworth, Gladys Durig, and Helen Clower (release form to be finished).

The trophy case was discussed. If the Society purchased one then the Society can rotate items in the case for visitors to view at the Town Hall.

New Business: The board discussed and planned with end of year meeting, which will be held December 27th, 2016 at 6pm.

The board has unanimously decided to restore yearbooks by sending them to HF binding in Cleveland. The 1950  and 1951 yearbooks needed new covers and rebound. The 1952 and 1955 books needed rebound, for a total cost of $106.75.

Gifts: Gifts were accepted from Doug Scott (Donated: 8/6/16), Darcy Niswonger Vega (Donated: 6/7/16), Jim Clark (Donated: 6/21/16), Stephen DeGenero (Donated: 7/11/16), Rena Cesta (Donated: 6/16/16), Barbara Ullom (Donated: 8/2/16), and Vienna Volunteer Fire Department Association (Donated: 3/20/16).

Adjourn: Motion: Dylan Anders, Second: Jill Pegg