November 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes: November 15, 2015

Present: Christine Novicky, Phil Pegg, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Pamela Clower, Dylan Anders

Absent: Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: Christine Novicky informed the Board members on the current membership status.  The Society currently has a total of 39 paid members for the 2015 membership year. Christine said that older township documents located by Mike Penrose still need to be moved from the Road Department to the Town Hall.  President Novicky also said that she emailed a photograph of the Board members with the Abraham Lincoln speaker to Bob Coupland of the Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Vice President’s Report: None.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan read a letter from Dallas Woodall and noted that Dallas had enclosed a check with the letter in the amount of $150.00.  This amount is to be added to the previously donated amount of $300.00 to be allocated for the use of a trophy case from the Class of 1955.  A thank-you letter was sent to John W. King, for the September program, and also to Shirley Selbe for the donation of the New Historical Atlas of Trumbull County Ohio published in 1874.

The Board approved minutes from September 2015.
    - Motion: Norma Brink, Second: Phil Pegg

The Board approved minutes from October 2015.
    - Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower

Treasurer’s Report:
The Board approved the fiscal report (1/01/15 – 11/13/15) in the amount of $3871.89
    - Motion: Dylan Anders, Second: Phil Pegg

Historian’s Report: No report.

Unfinished Business: A date for the next archives meeting is still pending.

The Board discussed the donation from the Class of 1955 and more clarification is needed.  Questions include: Who will own the trophy case requested? Who will own its contents? Are there more trophies to add? Is the money to be used for a replacement or an addition of a second case?  Christine said that she would send an email to Dallas asking these questions.

The Board opened a discussion on the current By-laws.   The Board decided to propose some minor changes to the By-laws document, including some wording changes and a more detailed description of the lifetime membership.  These proposed changes will be voted on at the annual members meeting held to be held on November 30, 2015 at 6 PM.

The Board discussed the idea of a members-only event to be held at the Town Hall for all paid members of the Society.  The Board decided on November 30, 2015 at 6 PM, which would coincide with the annual members meeting.

Finally, the Board discussed winter program ideas. The Board also discussed student recruitment at Mathews High School to be done in early 2016.  Christine Novicky sent an email to Mr. Marsh about this but did not hear back yet.

Adjourn: Motion: Phil Pegg, Second: Pamela Klinger