November 2011 Meeting

Vienna Historical Society Meeting – November 29, 2011 – 7:00 p.m.

Present – Michele Garman, Vicki Anzur, Phil Pegg, Warren Clower, Helen Clower, Pam Clower, Shirley Selbe, Christine Novicky, Natalie Novicky, Pam Klinger and Shirley Wajda.

Agenda and discussions:

1.  Wine Tasting – Discussed that we wanted to hold again in 2012, but need either a different venue or have 2 sessions due to the crowded atmosphere at this year’s tasting.  Will check on dates for February 22, 2012 or after.  Decided to only have cheese, fruit and crackers to eat.
2.  Michele Garman stated that we are accepting membership dues for 2012.

3.  Archive Project – Have suspended this for now.  We need to break down into smaller groups and get acid-free supplies.  Shirley Wajda stated that Kent State graduate students do archiving and might be able to help.  Shirley Wajda would like to pursue having a history camp during the summer.

4.  Cemetery Walk 2012 – Phil Pegg like the idea of “Pioneering Women” as a theme.  We will try and set a date for the walk at the January 2012 meeting.

5.  Aninual nsurance is approximately $229 per year and needs renewed.  Michele Garman suggested that we look into a different insurance company to handle this.  Phil Pegg will research.

6.  Neighborhood Watch is not decorating the gazebo this holiday season.  The society will decorate the gazebo on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

7.  Warren Clower inquired if we can get a grant to restore the caretaker building in the cemetery.  Phil Pegg will see if this would qualify for the Neighborhood Revitalizing Mini-Grant.  Need to know what the cost would be to repair.

8.  Christine Novicky had spoken with Jim Louis Cook Clark at the chili cookoff about the cemetery tour and sent him  information on it.  She then received a letter from Jim and Ruth Ogren Clark, thanking her for the information.  They stated that they weren’t able to make the tour, but enclosed a check for $500.00 for restoration work in the cemetery.  They also thanked the society for their efforts.

9.  Election of officers were held as follows by unanimous consensus:

    • President (1 year term) for 2012 – Christine Novicky
    • Vice-President (1 year term) for 2012 – Natalie Novicky
    • Secretary (1 year term) for 2012  – Pam Klinger
    • Treasurer (1 year term) for 2012 – Dallas Woodall
10.  Election of 2 Board Members was tabled until the January 2012 meeting so that the Code of Regulations (By-Laws) could be checked.

 Submitted by Vicki Anzur, Secretary