May 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2016

Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Klinger, Jill Pegg, Pamela Clower, Phil Pegg, Michele Garman, Dylan Anders
Absent: Shirley Wajda, Norma Brink

President’s Report: Christine Novicky informed Board members that there are currently forty-four members of the society.

Christine informed the Board that she, Michele Garman, and Dave Cover of Fowler went to Baker Elementary Schools on May 3, 2016. Christine talked to three groups of third grade students during library time about Vienna’s coal mines, clock factories, gun factories, and Soldiers and Sailors Monument. In addition, they showed the students old photographs of daily life in Vienna.The librarian at Baker Elementary, Mrs. Lee Sena, gave yearbooks to Christine from 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. As a result of the Society’s visit to the school, an article was written by Bob Coupland and appeared in the Warren Tribune Chronicle on May 9, 2016.

As a courtesy from Mathews High School and facilitated through Mrs. Hintemyer, Christine informed the Board that two 2016 yearbooks will be donated to the Society free of charge. One yearbook will be for the Society and the other will be for the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library. Mrs. Hintemyer also gave Christine copies of the 2014 and 2015 yearbooks.

Rena Cesta says that she has old journals and books to donate to the Society that pertain to the Vienna-Mathews Alumni Association.

Patty Zydyk was contacted about a framed Vienna High School photograph. She claimed that the picture she had deteriorated in her attic. She was not sure what year she had.

She also updated the Society on the student artwork under the direction of Mrs. Matola. This artwork is being created at Mathews High School by the students as a final art project. Mrs. Matola will share the artwork with the Society upon completion.

Christine reported that the Abel Bartholomew Obelisk fell in the main cemetery, which was reported to the trustees on 4/2/2016. In addition, Christine has received concerns of stones down in Dunlap Cemetery from a Society member.

Vice President’s Report: Pamela Clower reported that she received photographs from Caroline Pennell (Class of 1935) at the Vienna-Mathews Alumni Association Banquet, which were sent by her son Paul (Class of 1956). In addition, she reported that the Society received a large framed class photograph of the Vienna High School Class of 1942 from Barb Scott at the banquet. The Society also received yearbooks from 1951, 1952, 1955, 1958, and 1959 from Barb Scott.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan Anders informed the Board members that thank-you letters were sent to Linda McCullough for her class announcement donation, Helen Clower for her donation of the 1936 yearbook and tintype, Caroline Pennell for photo donations, and Meghan Reed for her April program. Thank-you letters were also sent to Dallas Woodall, Jim Clark, and Gary Clower for donations in addition to yearly dues.

The Board also approved minutes from March 2016. Minutes were approved as corrected by the Board.
  • Motion: Pamela Klinger
  • Second: Phil Pegg
The Board also approved minutes from April 2016. Minutes were approved as corrected by the Board.
  • Motion: Michele Garman
  • Second: Jill Pegg

Treasurer’s Report: Pamela Klinger updated the Board on the current financial status of the Society and asked for any receipt reimbursements.

The Board members approved the current fiscal report (1/1/16-5/15/2016) in the total amount of $4,121.32.
Motion: Phil Pegg
Second: Norma Brink

Historian’s Report: Viennapedia only needs 11 more years of graduate names for the electronic volume to be complete.

Unfinished Business: Records still need to be picked up and retrieved from the road department garage.

The trophy case idea proposed by Dallas Woodall has been clarified. The Society would be the owner of the case to house trophies abandoned by the school or dropped off by residents. In addition, Dallas Woodall reports that Bob Gribling has trophies that he is storing in his barn.

The Board discussed upcoming program ideas including Liz Clark for the May program. In addition, the Board discussed the continuation of the archives project this summer.

The Board discussed the possibility of a Christmas tree ornament fundraiser for the fall, which the Board decided to discuss further in future sessions.

The Board discussed the wine taste fundraiser and alternative locations were discussed.

Letters were sent to the school principals regarding donations; word was received from Jim Parry, Librarian, that Vienna and  Mathews high schools yearbooks from 1949 and up were available for viewing.

A yearly scholarship to a student from the Society was discussed. Michele and Dylan were going to research the particulars.

The Vienna Summer Concert Series committee asked if the Society wanted to sell baked goods at a few of the concerts. The Board decided not to participate at this time due to conflicting schedules of the Board members.

New Business: The Board discussed the oral history project and its importance to the society’s records.

The Annual Memorial Day Observation is to be held on Monday, May 30th at the Mathews High School Gymnasium at 12:30 PM. Christine will email the membership for volunteers to pass out programs and walk in the procession to the Soldiers & Sailors Monument.

The Board also discussed purchasing a new banner, but no decisions were made.

Gifts: Gifts were accepted from Barb Scott (Donated: 4/30/16), Helen Clower (Donated: 3/18/16 & 2/24/16 & 5/15/16), and Caroline Pennell (Donated: 4/30/16).

Adjourn: Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Phil Pegg