May 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society

Board Meeting Minutes: May 26, 2014

Present- Christine Novicky, Phil Pegg, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Pamela Clower, Dylan Anders

Absent- Shirley Wajda

Presidents Report: Christine Novicky informed the Board members on the current membership status, the Society currently has 38 paid members for the 2015 membership year. Christine also gave a report of the Townships Memorial Day Observation. The Society handed out programs, and also participated in the annual procession to the monument.  Shirley Wajda knitted 100 poppies and placed them around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. 

Vice Presidents Report: None

Secretarys Report: Dylan informed Board members that Thank You letters were sent to Wendell Lauth for his March program. A thank you was also sent to Jim Clark for his $100.00 donation to the Society.  A thank you was also sent to Carol Starre-Kmiecik for the April program of Jacqueline Onassis. A thank you was also sent to Judith Bender for her dues and a $10.00 donation.

Dylan read correspondence from the Howland Historical Society and the Copeland Oaks Foundation about their upcoming events.

The Board also approved minutes from February, March, and April 2015.

            - Motion: Phil Pegg, Second: Pamela Klinger

Treasurers Report: Pamela Klinger informed the Board of a check written in the amount of $50.00 for Wendell Lauth for his March program.  Also, a check written to Carol Starre- Kmecik for $175.00 for the April program about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. A check was also written to the Ohio History Alliance in the amount of $35.00 to renew the yearly subscription. All debts were approved to be paid. 

            - Motion: Phil Pegg, Second:  Norma Brink

Pamela deposited $30.00 in merchandise sales from the March meeting.  Pamela informed the Board that the yearly filing of the yearly 990-N with Small Business Management (Vienna, Ohio) has been completed.

The current fiscal report (1/1/15-5/26/15) in the total amount of $3,995.38 was approved.

            -Motion: Phil Pegg, Second: Norma Brink

Historians Report: None

Unfinished Business: The Board discussed the idea of throwback Vienna Flyers and Lady Mustang Basketball 1988 T-shirts.  Christine was directed by Mr. Rozicki to ask Gary Hoff for permission. Board members decided to put the idea aside for now.

The Board discussed the annual wine taste and decided to re-visit this fundraiser at a later time.

The Board also discussed the archives plans and dates. An email was sent to members asking them to please notify President Christine Novicky if they would like to participate in the archives project.

The Board discussed by laws issues and decided to delay the discussion until further notice.

The Board decided to electronically submit more detailed information to the Ohio History Alliance website since only the President's name and email address were listed for the Society on the membership page.

New Business:  The local Girl Scout troop has asked to help in future cemetery restorations, and was advised to contact Lauren Worona.

The Society also discussed Members Only Events in hopes to give back to members, including dinners/special events.

Also, fall program ideas were discussed including potential speakers such as Chris Fischer and Sally Thomas.

Gifts/Donations: The Society reviewed donations received from the following people: Susan Turner, Rick Davis, Gayle Hulton, Dean Scott, Jake Klinger, and Leanne Lee.

Adjourn: Motion: Pamela Clower, Second: Pamela Klinger