May 2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
May 29, 2012, 7 pm

Present: Christine Novicky, Natalie Novicky, Dallas Woodall, Pam Klinger, Pam Clower, Shirley Wajda, Phil Pegg. Absent: Donna Schieffer and Lance Klinger.

Agenda and discussions:

1. Approval of minutes from April 24, 2012. Motion:Pam Clower. Second: Phil Pegg.

⁃-Addendum to minutes from April that Rick Davis donated materials from the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport.

2. Dallas gave Treasurer's Report.

3. September 25, 2012-Brookfield tour of Green.

4. Cemetery Walk: women’s crafts - Oct 6 & 7.

5. Home Day: Gazebo-maps, Lauren Worona: tour of cemetery.

6. Define patron under membership: Patron-$100.00, Lifetime Patron-$500.00, or gift-tax deduction. Motion on Gift Membership: Shirley Wajda. Second: Natalie Novicky.

7. Adopt a veteran.

8. The drafts of the Historical Markers were discussed

9. Christine Novicky made a donation of $1000.00 for the Township Green Marker.

10. We will have food at the Cemetery Preservation Days this summer to help with attendance.

11. Shirley Wajda reported on Viennapedia. It received a thousand hits in five minutes.

Submitted by Pam Klinger, Secretary