March 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2016

Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Klinger, Jill Pegg, Pamela Clower, Norma Brink, Phil Pegg, Michele Garman, Dylan Anders
Absent: Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: Christine Novicky reported that there are 31 paid members of the Society. She also informed the Board of a follow-up with Vienna resident Mike Weymer about his inquiry of the current whereabouts of the Mustang head mural that was located Neal Middle School. It is now located in the Baker Elementary School Gymnasium. In addition, Christine reported on the closing of Candywood Golf Course and its transition to a private hunting preserve. Also, Second to None Café opened on route 193 across from the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. President Novicky also reported on the creation of a Vienna Historical Society Instagram account to share photos of the town’s history with followers. Christine was also contacted by an individual about the purchase of his restored antique gun with possible Vienna origin.  For various reasons it was decided by the Board not to pursue the gun. 

Vice President’s Report: Pamela Clower reported that Dr. Molly Sergi would be happy to speak to the Society again in the future and can cover other topics. In addition, Pamela Clower attended a Women’s History Luncheon at Packard Museum in Warren and saw a performance by Carol Starre-Kmiecik.

Secretary’s Report: Dylan informed the Board members that thank-you letters were sent to Bill Lawson for his January program and Molly Sergi for her February program.

The Board approved minutes as written from January 2016.
-    Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg, Second: Jill Pegg

The Board approved minutes as written from February 2016.
-    Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg, Second: Jill Pegg

Treasurer’s Report: Pamela Klinger informed the Board of the successful filing of the Society’s 2015 taxes (990-N form) as prepared by Heidi Brown of Small Business Management.

Pamela asked the Board to waive the yearly Society dues for Shirley Wajda in exchange for her payment of the yearly domain fees.
- Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg, Second: Norma Brink

The Board members approved the current fiscal report (1/1/16-3/20/2016) in the total amount of $3,995.42.
    - Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg, Second: Norma Brink

Historian’s Report: The addition of graduate names by year on Viennapedia is progressing wonderfully. The Society has been using past yearbooks found at the Warren-Trumbull Count Public Library and also using commencement programs from Vienna & Mathews graduates willing to loan us their materials.  In addition, minutes from the Vienna-Mathews Alumni Association meetings were added to Viennapedia.

Unfinished Business: The Township records still need to be picked up and retrieved from the Road Department garage and placed with the other archives at the Town Hall.

The trophy case idea proposed by Dallas Woodall has been clarified. The Society would be the owner of the case to house trophies abandoned by the school or dropped of by residents. In addition, Dallas Woodall reports that Bob Gribling has broken trophies that he is storing in his barn, the “good” trophies were stored at the Town Hall and area currently on display in the old trophy case.

Years ago, framed photos of the Vienna High School graduating classes were prominently displayed in the hallways, they were eventually removed due to deterioration and safety issues with students and placed under the stage. They were found under the stage and were eventually thrown in the dumpsters behind the high school.  Out of concern, Paul File contacted the officers of the Vienna-Mathews Alumni Association and they were able to retrieve a majority of the frames and distributed them among members and alumni that had friends or family in the photos.  The Association’s secretary, Rena French Cesta, stated that she would try to retrieve some of the photos for the Society.

Upcoming programs for the Society include a trip to the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum in March, and Meghan Reed from the TCHS in April, and an undetermined program for May.

Christine Novicky and Michele Garman along with Dave Cover from the Fowler Historical Society visited Mathews High School February 23rd and spoke with two of Mr. Marsh’s history classes trying to recruit students.

Christine sent emails to history teachers at Mathews High School regarding History Day stating that if their students were doing a topic about Vienna, that the Society welcomed the students to use Viennapedia as a resource.  She received no response.

Mary Schaeffer was contacted about the picture that she gave to the Society in 2008. Christine showed her the picture and she said she did not know who was in the photo.

New Business: Christine arranged for an insert about the Society and Viennapedia’s yearbook project to be included in the Vienna-Mathews Alumni Banquet mailed invitations.

President Novicky & Dave Cover of Fowler Historical Society met with Mr. King, principal of Currie and Baker Elementary to discuss a potential joint program at the schools with Fowler Historical Society.  The program would take place during library time for three of the 3rd grade classes at Baker on May 3rd. 

Letters were sent to Mr. Cameron and Mr. King about the Society’s involvement with he community and inquired about yearbooks in the library.  The letters also stated that the Society would accept any donations from the schools that pertain to its history.

The Board decided that a Mathews High School yearbook should be purchased each year.  The Board approved the purchase of a 2016 yearbook in the amount of $50.
Motion to Approve: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower

Erika Jenkins Matola, the art teacher at Mathews High School, contacted Christine on Facebook about the possibility of her students doing an art project called “Vienna in 2016.”  She also mentioned making a time capsule with some of the artwork. Christine sent her a message back giving her some ideas about potential historical subjects in Vienna.

Christine reminded the Board that oral histories need to be captured from John Goodworth, Gladys Durig, and Helen Clower.  Dave Cover suggested John Goodworth because he is a WWII veteran and the oldest resident of Vienna. The release form still needs worked on by the Board.

Donations were accepted by the Society from:
•    Linda McCullough (Donation received: 2/23/16)
•    Christine Novicky (Donation received: 8/19/15)
•    Norma Brink (Donation received: 2/23/16)

Motion to Adjourn: Michele Garman, Second: Pamela Klinger