March 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society Board Meeting

Date: March 1, 2015


Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Clower, Pamela Klinger, Dylan Anders, Norma Brink


Absent: Shirley Wajda, Phil Pegg


President’s Report:

Christine Novicky announced that there is currently 34 paid members within the Society. In addition, she announced that there was a tree that fell in the Doud Cemetery (King’s Grave Road) in early January. Christine also announced that she received a postcard from Nicole Marino of the AmeriCorps, a woman focusing in local histories of NE Ohio.


Vice President’s Report:

Pamela Clower announced that a book was loaned to the Society from Colleen Swerden of Turkey Run Road.  The book is entitled History of the Tidds of Ohio. The book contains history from the Tidd family, some of which resided in Vienna, Ohio.


Secretary’s Report:

Dylan Anders announced that a thank you letter was sent to Pauline Kelly for a $100.00 donation given to the Society. In addition, a letter was sent to Emily Varner thanking her for doing her program in January. A thank you letter was also sent to Lea Mollman of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society for the program she did in February. Dylan also announced that a package was received from Trumbull County Probate Court Judge, Thomas Swift, also a Vienna resident. The package contained a letter thanking the Vienna Historical Society for their service to the valley thus far.  The package also contained pamphlets from various program’s Judge Swift performed as a judge in Trumbull County.


The board approved the meeting minutes from December 2014.

            -Motion: Norma Brink, Second: Pamela Klinger


The board approved the meeting minutes from January 2015.

            -Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Norma Brink


Treasurer’s Report:

Pamela Klinger issued a check to Emily Varner of $30.00, for her program at the January 2015 meeting. In addition, Pamela issued a check to the Mahoning Valley Historical Society of $50.00 for the program by Lea Mollman at the February 2015 meeting. Pamela announced that she will be meeting with Small Business Management in Vienna the following week to file the yearly taxes for the society.


The board approved the corrected version of the 2014 Fiscal Report (1/1/14-12/31/14). The new report included a fix to the amount paid to the order of Dreves Insurance, the previously documented amount was $303.00, and the new and correct amount is $202.00.

            -Motion: Dylan Anders, Second: Pamela Clower


The board also approved the latest copy of the 2015 Fiscal Report (1/1/15-2/20/15). The fiscal report showed a total of $3,835.38 thus far.

            -Motion: Pamela Clower, Second: Norma Brink


Historian’s Report:  None.


Unfinished Business:

Christine reported that the society’s tax exempt address has finally been changed from Warren, OH to Vienna, OH on the IRS website of Tax Exempt Entities.


Christine explored the option of a throwback t-shirt for the Vienna Flyers, and Lady Mustangs 1988 basketball team. Mr. Rozicki said to contact Mr. Gary Hoff (Athletic Director).


The board discussed the option of having physical exhibits of current artifacts at meetings. The board decided to visit this idea at a later date, when the society gains more artifacts.


Christine released the new and updated Gift Agreement form for acceptance by the board. The changes made to the agreement include, a new format, as well as, a new spot for the donor’s email address.

            -Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Dylan Anders


The board discussed the plans for the society’s annual wine taste fundraiser. The Country Porch Winery in Cortland and the Hartford Hill Winery in Fowler were possible locations.  Date to be determined, possibly summer of 2015.


Recruiting students from the High School shall be done in the winter of 2015. Dylan and Phil have offered to go with Christine.


The Board voted on modifications to the Gift Agreement Form.  A section for a donor’s email address was added.


The Board then reviewed items for the Society’s collection, as well as, reviewed the accompanying completed Gift Agreement Forms.


Donor Name

Date Received


Thelma Gibson

Received 6/14


Joanna Price

Received 1/23/15


Heidi Brown

Received 12/3/14


Peggy Shultz

Received 11/13


Dallas Woodall

Received 7/14


Shirley Scott

Received 10/30/12


Ray & Carley O’Neill

Received 10/29/13


Ray & Carley O’Neill

Received 1/29/14


Christine Novicky

Received 12/14


Chris Schieffer

Received 4/2/14


Christine Novicky

Received 7/23/14


Christine Novicky

Received 6/1/14


Christine Novicky

Received 2/20/15




New Business:

The Board discussed the archives, and has decided to revisit the idea as a summer project and a potential to involve members of the community.


The board discussed upcoming events/programs:

            March - Wendell Lauth: Will discuss the Underground Railroad in Trumbull County.

   April - Carol Starre-Kmiecik: Will portray Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her program costs $175.00, the board discussed options to pay for the program. A donation was received to help defray the cost of the April program from Christine Novicky, in the amount of $100.00.


The Board also discussed that changes to the Society’s By-Laws may need to be made.  The last revision was in 2011.  Christine to send out the latest version of the By-Laws for review.



            -Motion: Norma Brink, Second: Pamela Klinger