March 2009 Meeting

Meeting on the last day of the month, the Vienna Historical Society welcomed Ms. Lois Werner of the Brookfield (Ohio) Historical Society.  In an engaging presentation, Ms. Werner discussed the Brookfield Historical Society's cemetery restoration/preservation project, and provided a concise checklist of the steps necessary to a successful project.  She encouraged attendees to help in Brookfield's work on May 23, 2009.  A lively question-and-answer period followed Ms. Werner's remarks.

Plans were made to document Vienna's three cemeteries this summer.  The Society will plan this process at its April 28 meeting. 

Ms. Mary Sheridan presented the Society with a large reproduction of a demolished Vienna landmark, and received the Society's deepest thanks. 

Announcements included the plans for a free tent for Trumbull County's historical societies at the Packard Car Show, July 21-25, and  the regional Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums meeting in Warren on May 2.  

Note:  The Warren Tribune-Chronicle printed an article on the Society's meeting and plans.  Please read it here.