July 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2015

Present- Christine Novicky, Phil Pegg, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Pamela Clower,

Absent- Shirley Wajda, Dylan Anders

Presidents Report: Christine Novicky informed the board members on the current membership status, the Society currently has 39 paid members for the 2015 membership year. She also reported that she contacted the Vienna Township Trustees and got the OK for access to the Town Hall to work on the archives project. Mike Penrose contacted her because he found some old township documents in the cabinet at the Road Department. Those will need moved over to the Town Hall at some point.  Eddy Lamberty from Belgium contacted her via email about PFC Edwin G. Davis.  Shirley was able to uncover information and forwarded it to Christine.  Eddy is also requesting a picture if possible. It was mentioned that Mr. Davis is related to the Shoffs and that Dave Cover (Fowler Historical Society) was looking for a picture as well for him.

Vice Presidents Report: None.

Secretarys Report: (given by Christine Novicky) Baker and Currie Open House to be held August 19th & 20th from 6-7:30 PM.  Pam K to help on the 19th.  Pam Klinger, Pam Clower & Christine Novicky will help on the 20th.

The Board approved minutes from May 2015.

            - Motion: Pam Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower

Treasurers Report: Pamela Klinger reported that the Society received $10 in dues from Roy Hall.  She reported on the H.F. Everett Memorial Car Show on May 31st.  Attendance was down likely due to the date of the event, which was the rain date. Pam said that the Society made $23 from the 50/50.  Christine Novicky brought up that the Society should consider advertising in the Fall Mustang Football Program just for additional community exposure she will contact the Mathews Athletic Boosters.  Pam Klinger reported a balance of $4028.38 in the current fiscal report, which balanced with the Huntington Bank online balance.

The Board approved the current fiscal report (January 1, 2015 July 27, 2015).

            - Motion: Pam Clower, Second:  Norma Brink

Historian’s Report: (given by Christine Novicky) Shirley is working with Andy Verhoff about adding to Vienna’s historical marker entry on www.remarkableohio.org.  The website recently moved and some markers were omitted.  She has pictures and GPS coordinates from Christine and plans on submitting the information soon.  Shirley will also add the information to Viennapedia and www.viennahistory.org.

Shirley is also working with a colleague to create a museum quality exhibit banner to use for events/open houses. She is looking for ideas for the banner and suggested a timeline, pictures, and documents to be placed on the banner.

Unfinished Business:

Christine Novicky, Pam Klinger, Pam Clower, Ray Cline, Mary Swift and Dylan Anders met on July 9th from 10 AM 1 PM to take a look at the Townships archives.

Last month Christine and Dylan electronically submitted more detailed information to the Ohio History Alliance website since only the Presidents name and email address were listed for the Society on the membership page. The physical address is now available on the website but the Societys Facebook and website links were not yet listed. Christine will re-submit.

The local Girl Scout troop has asked to help in future cemetery restorations, and was advised to contact Lauren Worona.  Lauren has not come up with a date for this yet.

The Society continued to discuss Members Only Events in hopes to give back to members, including dinners/special events.

Also, fall program ideas were discussed including potential speakers such as Chris Fischer (1988 Mustang Girls Champions), Sally Thomas, Upton House, Sutliff Museum, Abe Lincoln impersonator Christine met in Ashtabula.  She also met a person that can give a presentation about the Ashtabula Railroad Bridge Disaster from the 1800s.  Christine also spoke with Lauren Worona about the completion of the obelisk project from last summer. Her and Ta Mara have been unable to meet to complete it due to rain and work schedules.

New Business: None.

Gifts/Donations: There were no new gifts to review this month. However the Board looked through some of the books that were previously given to Christine Novicky by the Vienna Fire Department Club.

Adjourn: Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower