January 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes: January 10, 2016

Present: Christine Novicky, Pam Clower, Dylan Anders, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Phil Pegg, Jill Pegg, Michele Garman

Absent: Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: President Christine Novicky reported to the Board about the success of the annual membership meeting and dinner event. There were a total of 17 people in attendance and she reported that everyone enjoyed the event. 

Vice President’s Report: Pamela Clower spoke of Liz Clark as a potential speaker for the 2016 year.

Secretary’s Report:
The Board approved minutes from the November 2015 meeting.
    - Motion: Phil Pegg, Second: Pamela Klinger

Treasurer’s Report:
The Board approved the finalized 2015 fiscal report (1/01/15 – 12/31/15) with an end of the year amount of $3871.89.
    - Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower
The Board approved the current fiscal report (1/01/16-1/10/16) in the amount of $3871.89
    - Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower

The Board approved reimbursement of receipt in the amount of $16.06 to Dylan Anders and $175.41 to Christine Novicky.
- Motion: Pamela Clower, Second: Norma Brink

Historian’s Report: Shirley informed the Board that she is in the process of adding Vienna and Mathews High School graduates by year to the Viennapedia website using commencement programs and yearbooks.  This initiative was kickstarted by the 1929 Trumbull County Public School Annual copies that were received by Christine Novicky.

Unfinished Business:
The Board discussed questions that arose after the donation from the Class of 1955, including asking who will own the trophy case requested to purchase, who will own its contents, are there more trophies to add, and also is the money to be used for a replacement or an addition of a second case? Bob Gribling has broken trophies in his possession per Rena Cesta of the Vienna Alumni Association.

The Board discussed winter program ideas and speakers, such as, Dr. Sergi, Chris Fisher, Sally Thomas, and a program on the Ashtabula Railroad Disaster.

The Board discussed student member recruitment at Mathews High School.  Christine will reach out to the history teachers about this and suggested it should be a yearly occurrence in January or February.  She also mentioned that perhaps the Society should send a letter to the high school about potential donations.  She would work with Shirley and compose a letter.

New Business:
The Board reviewed the new dues receipt and agreed that it should be used. Also, the Board discussed items that were shared with the Society from Warner Taiclet of Howland including the First Annual of the Trumbull County Public School from 1929.  Information shared by Jim Clark was forwarded to Shirley for Viennapedia.

Nicole Marino sent a letter to the Society encouraging local societies to get History Day participants involved with local history.  Christine planned to send an email to the history teachers.

Christine tried to further research the mystery photo from Mary Shaffer that was found during the summer archives project, but came to a dead end.

The Board discussed the idea of a Christmas Ornament sale in the fall, and a potential wine taste fundraiser at Country Porch, Barrel 33, Charlie’s Wines or Salvatore's.

Christine Novicky reported that the society has been renewed with the state of Ohio via the Certificate of Continued Existence, which will need to be renewed in 2018. Also, treasurer, Pamela Klinger filed 990-N Form with Small Business Management.

The Board also held officer elections, and the officers for the 2016 year are as follows:

President: Christine Novicky
Vice-President: Pamela Clower
Secretary: Dylan Anders
Treasurer: Pamela Klinger
Historian: Shirley Wajda

Adjourn: Motion: Pamela Klinger, Second: Pamela Clower