January 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
January 15, 2013

Present-Christine Novicky, Norma Brink, Dallas Woodall, Pam Clower, Phil Pegg, Pam Klinger.

Absent-Dylan Anders, Shirley Wajda, Lance Klinger

Approval of minutes from November 27, 2012.
    Motion-Dallas Woodall, Second Phil Pegg
Dallas passed out and discussed Treasurer’s report.
    Motion-Phil Pegg, Second Christine Novicky
Natalie Novicky resigned from Board of Directors.
    Motion-Christine Novicky, Second Phil Pegg

Shirley Wajda sent update on Historical marker. She had to delete words. Christine Novicky sent permission letters for approval Marker to the VIenna Township Trustees and to the Vienna Presbyterian Church.

Read email from Lauren Worona – cemetery update.

There are 400 articles on Viennapedia.

Discussed a collections policy needs to be put in place.

Discussed 2013 budget-insurance, $204.00, speakers, $50.00.

Wine Tasting is March 23rd 6:30-8:30. Pam Klinger making tickets.

No programming committee will be created. Everyone will have input on speakers for meeting, ideas for outings, etc.

Valerie Lattin a History major from KSU is joining us, we discussed how she can help get the Township Records in order and properly stored.

We have been invited to hold a 50/50 raffle at the Copper Penny Car Show Sunday, May 19, 2013 from 2-5pm. We will keep 25% of the total monies made.

We are omitting the Cemetery Walk for 2013 due to weather and attendance issues.

The Officers for 2013 are:
    President-Christine Novicky
    Vice President-Pam Clower
    Treasurer-Dallas Woodall
    Secretary-Pam Klinger