February 2014 Public Program

Vienna Historical Society
February 25, 2014

President Christine Novicky announced the arrival of the historical marker. She mentioned the success of the wine tasting fundraiser. She also announced that the “Gift Agreement Form” should be filled out for items that are to be donated to the Society. She then introduced the speaker, Chris Klingemier.

Mr. Klingemier gave an hour-long presentation on the history of clocks in Trumbull County, Vienna’s clock factory history, the different types of clocks produced in Trumbull County, and the Lambert Lewis house demolition.

Brianna Marin donated old drawings of Howland Springs, Newton Falls and the Warren Court House. The drawings were sent to (respectively) Howland Historical Society, Newton Falls Library, and the Trumbull County Historical Society.

Thirty-two people attended the program.

Refreshments were available.