February 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
February 11, 2014

Present-Christine Novicky, Dylan Anders, Phil Pegg, Pam Klinger, Pam Clower, Norma Brink
Absent-Shirley Wajda, Lance Klinger

1. Officer's Reports

    President Christine Novicky
  • Sent Sympathy Card for family of Donna Schieffer
  • Sent THANK YOU to Dave Cover (January speaker from Fowler Historical Society) – also sent $50 donation to Fowler Historical Society
  • THANK YOU’s for donations in memory of Donna Schieffer: Vienna Lawn & Garden (Edie and John Pesa); Vienna Presbyterian Women's Association; Shirley Wittenaur
  • Donated items from January meeting:Ray and Carley O'Neill, maple syrup label; Bob Smith, more railroad information
    Vice President Pam Clower - No report
  • Approval of Minutes from December 2013, January 2014
            Motion-Pam Clower, Second-Christine Novicky    

  • Approval of Fiscal Report from January 2013 - December 2013
            Motion-Dylan Anders, Second-Pam Clower

  • Approval of finanacial report: January 2014 – February 11, 2014
            Motion-Norma Brink, Second-Phil Pegg

    Historian Shirley Wajda-No report

Unfinished Business
  • Historical Marker update: July/August dedication date; meeting with all for exact placement-Trustees, Board of Directors, Rev. Judy Bender
  • Tax exempt status is ongoing
  • Recruiting students from the High School
  • Christine Novicky has been in contact with Mr. Marsh, she will hopefully be visiting his 10th grade class within the month.
  • 2014 Program- February meeting will be about Vienna Clock factories
  • Pam Clower will be in contact with other potential speakers, Liz Clarke, Wendell Lauth
  • Wine Taste-40 tickets sold
  • Approval of Gift Agreement Form drafted by Christine Novicky and Shirley Wajda
            Motion- Pam Klinger, Second- Dylan Anders
  • Archives Project – need to find out who Trustees appointed
New Business
  • Will continue with vacant seat on Board of Directors
  • Inquire about the Mathews’ HERD to assist with cemetery restoration
  • Determine existing archive board directors, and determine future dates
Motion to Adjourn-Pam Klinger, Second-Pam Clower