February 2012 Public Program and Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting, February 28, 2012, 6:30 pm

Present-Christine Novicky, Natalie Novicky, Dallas Woodall, Pam Klinger, Pamela Clower, Phil Pegg, Shirley Wajda, Lance Klinger

Absent-Donna Schieffer

Agenda and Discussions
  • Approval of minutes from January 2012. Motion-Phil Pegg second- Shirley Wajda
  • Approval of Treasurer's report. Motion-Phil Pegg second-Shirley Wajda
  • Discussion on who contacts media to promote event they set up. The person that set up event promotes it. A budget of $50.00 per meeting times 7 meetings per year totaling $350.00 per year for guest speakers.
  • Shirley Wajda suggested for April’s meeting we have a “Show and Tell.”
  • Christine Novicky checked with Wine Styles if there is a problem of a low count for the first sitting; there isn’t. The 50/50 tickets are donated by Phil Pegg and the cost set at 1 ticket for $2.00, 3 tickets for $5.00.
  • Shirley Wajda is working on Viennapedia.
  • Thank- you notes will be sent to donors. We need to pick a letterhead.
  • Secretary will send minutes to Shirley Wajda to put on Vienna History website so minutes can be read prior to meeting.
  • A check will be written to Vienna Neighborhood Watch for the money for Vienna Home Day being held by Vienna Historical Society. Motion Phil Pegg second-Pam Clower

Public Program
Sally Thomas was the Guest speaker, giving a talk about the Underground Railroad. There were 26 people in attendance.

Christine Novicky will email the members for help with the Cemetery Walk.

Submitted by Pam Klinger, Secretary