December 2016 Annual Members Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Annual Member Meeting Minutes
December 27, 2016

Board Members Present: Christine Novicky, Phil Pegg, Pamela Klinger, Norma Brink, Pamela Clower, Dylan Anders, Shirley Wajda, Jill Pegg, Michele Garman

Members Present: Helen Clower

President Christine Novicky thanked everyone for attending the dinner meeting. There were 10 total members in attendance. Food and drinks were provided by the Society.

President Novicky went over the Society’s 2016 highlights with the members. The members in attendance then voted on the Board of Directors positions. Christine Novicky, Michele Garman, and Pam Clower were voted into the Board of Directors Class of 2018.

Those in attendance discussed goals for next year, which includes:

1. Contacting Ta Mara Conde about repairing cemetery obelisks for the Township and preserving the sandstone markers. The main cemetery needs attention as well as Dunlap.

    a. Will inquire if she is able to conduct a workshop on stone upkeep for the Society.

2. Preserving the earmark book (in the trophy case in Town Hall) – the first Township clerk, Dennis Palmer, has entries in it – contacting ICA of Cleveland.

3. Finish the oral history release form to use for interviews with residents.

4. Hold a fundraiser.

5. Continue the archives project – Shirley suggested contacting Kent State University to see if a student could take a semester to organize.

6. Field trip – perhaps the medical museum at Youngstown State University.

7. Scan the 1936 yearbook and put it in Viennapedia – will contact Youngstown State University or Warren-Trumbull County Public :ibrary to see if they have a special scanner instead of using a conventional flatbed scanner.

The Board also held officer elections, and the officers for the 2017 year are as follows:

President: Christine Novicky

Vice-President: Pamela Clower

Secretary: Dylan Anders

Treasurer: Pamela Klinger

Historian: Shirley Wajda