April 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2017

Present: Christine Novicky, Pamela Klinger, Jill Pegg, Pamela Clower, Phil Pegg, Michele Garman, Dylan Anders, Norma Brink
Absent: Shirley Wajda

President’s Report: President Christine Novicky noted that there were 37 paid members of the Society.

She also noted that she gave the Mathews-Vienna Alumni Association an insert about the Society to include in the 2017 alumni banquet invitation.

Christine also reported that the 1900 Vienna Township Cemetery map was printed and digitized by Minuteman Press in Sharon.

Vice President’s Report: Pam Clower announced that the Mathews-Vienna Alumni Association Banquet will be held on April 29, 2017 in the Mathews High School gymnasium.

Secretary’s Report: A thank-you note was read by Dylan Anders that was sent from the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library for the Society’s donation of a 1954 Vienna High School yearbook and a 2016 yearbook.

Thank-you notes were sent to the January speaker (Nick Spano), February speaker (Carol-Starre-Kmeicik), March speaker (Cassie Nespor) and members who made donations on top of their $10 dues.

The Board approved minutes as written from November 2016, December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017.

  • Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg
  • Second: Dylan Anders

Treasurer’s Report: Pamela Klinger informed the Board of the successful filing of the Society’s 2016 taxes (990-N form) as prepared by Heidi Brown of Small Business Management.

The 2016 fiscal report (1/1/16-12/31/16) with a fiscal amount of $3,637.41 was reviewed by the Board and approved:

  • Motion to Approve: Dylan Anders
  • Second: Jill Pegg

The current fiscal report (1/1/17-4/02/17) with a fiscal amount of $4,127.41 was reviewed by the Board and approved:

  • Motion to Approve: Phil Pegg
  • Second: Michele Garman

Christine Novicky was written a check for $138.86 for expenses for the Society that were previously reviewed by the Board.

Historian’s Report: Shirley Wajda reported via email that she will write two articles this year about Vienna for the Warren Historical District Alliance project with the Tribune Chronicle. She feels that it is good publicity for the Society and will be in contact with Meghan Reed of the Trumbull County Historical Society.

Shirley also reported that she made Viennapedia updates.

Other Board Member Reports:
Michele Garman and Dylan Anders previously discussed that the Society should start up a scholarship fund. They decided to postpone the idea for now.

Jill Pegg said that she would regularly submit Society events to the online WFMJ Events Calendar.

Phil Pegg reported that he would like the Society to rededicate the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Memorial Day since a replica eagle was created by Milano Monuments and put in place as of November 2016. Dylan volunteered to be a part of the rededication and read a history of the monument.

Unfinished Business:
The archives found at the Road Department by Mike Penrose still need to be moved to the Town Hall back office.

A new logo was discussed for the Society, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument vs. VT logo. The Board decided that the Soldiers and Sailors Monument would be a great logo. Christine would work on a letterhead and later email it to the group.

The group also discussed purchasing a trophy case and to ocassionally rotate items in the cabinet at the Town Hall. No decisions were made for the purchase but the Board agreed that it was a good idea.

The oral history release form still needs to be completed to interview residents.

New Business:
The date that the Society to speak with 3rd grade students at Baker Elementary School is May 17th. Phil volunteered to go speak to the students. Christine said that would prepare an outline to read and gather photos and items for Phil to show and tell to the students.

On Memorial Day the Society will pass out Vienna Memorial Day programs in the Mathews High School gymnasium before the annual service. The Society will also participate in the eagle rededication as previously discussed. Christine said that a reminder email will be sent to Society members about the observation.

An email from a group involved in the “History in Your Own Backyard” video project was received by Christine. The Board discussed and decided not to get involved with the project.

The Historical Village, located on the Trumbull County Fairground property, was seeking local historical societies to set up booths and help with candy sales during fair week in the church. The Board felt that the Society should be involved with the project and Christine would email updates about the project.

Donations were accepted by the Society from:

  • Michael Blake (Donation received: 2/28/17)
  • Joe Kollar (Donation received: 3/28/17)
  • Christine Novicky (Donation received: 4/2/17)
  • Ray & Carley O’Neill (Donation received: 2/28/17)

Motion to Adjourn:Michele Garman

Second: Dylan Anders