April 2012 Public Program and Board of Directors Meeting

Vienna Historical Society
April 24, 2012

Present: Christine Novicky, Natalie Novicky, Dallas Woodall, Pam Klinger, Pamela Clower, Shirley Wajda, Phil Pegg.

Absent: Lance Klinger and Donna Jean Schieffer.

Agenda and discussions:

1. Approval of minutes from March 2012. Motion-Shirley Wajda. Second-Pam Clower.

2. There will not be a speaker for May. We will recap and review summer agenda.

3. Cemetery Walk Committee is Shirley Wajda, Vicki Anzur, and Lauren Worona .

4. Home Day Committee is Michele Garman, Norma Brink, and Paula Smigrocky.

5. Christine Novicky, Natalie Novicky, and Pam Klinger visited Mr. Miller’s freshman Government class on April 20th, explaining what VHS is and does. Christine suggested that we visit the high school’s History/Government classes in the fall and speak to the students to recruit more involvement and also promote Viennapedia to use it as a resource and learning tool.

6. Shirley Wajda reported on Viennapedia. There is still typing to be done.

7. Shirley has worked on the historical marker to go on the Town Green, and gave the costs of 4 versions. Christine will be sending proposed text for the marker to the Board via email.

8. There are 25 paid members in the Vienna Historical Society.

9. The board voted to become a member of Ohio History Alliance at a cost of $35.00. Motion-Phil Pegg. Second-Christine Novicky.

10. We discussed making Guest speakers honorary members.

11. We talked about a long-term budget.

12. Treasurer Dallas Goodall gave the Society’s financial report.

13. Shirley Wajda was our guest speaker this month and talked about the 1940 census.

14. There were 29 people in attendance.

Submitted by Pam Klinger, Secretary