April 2010 Meeting

On April 27  the Society welcomed its own history intern Ms. Lauren Worona, who offered an update on her research on Vienna's cemeteries.  (See the Warren Tribune-Chronicle article on the event here.)  Ms. Worona, who is completing her Master's thesis on the Township's three cemeteries, reviewed through an illustrated lecture the lengthy gravemarkers and memorials documentation process undertaken over the last year by Society members, the Mathews High School Key Club, and members of the community.  (Ms. Worona's PowerPoint presentation may be viewed here.)  Many of Vienna's founding families are to be found in the inscriptions on the stones but there is also a potter's field that has long been forgotten.  She also discussed the styles and materials of markers and memorials and offered recommendations for the much-needed repairs to several important stones.  

The discussion that followed centered on the necessity of further preservation work in the Township's cemeteries.  Plans are being made to host several community days on which Society members and volunteers will clean markers.  Please check here for those events throughout the summer.  The Society has created a brief tour of the cemetery, based on Carley O'Neill's research for the Township's bicentennial history.  If you have any information you wish to share, please contact the Society.


Vienna Historical Society Officers and Board of Directors Meeting – April 26, 2010 – 6:15 p.m.

In attendance:  Vicki Anzur, Pam Clower, Michele Garman, Pam Klinger, Shirley Wajda, Dallas Woodall.

Agenda and discussions:

  1. Shirley Wajda urged the Vienna Historical Society to join the Ohio Historical Society.  Feels this could be a valuable resource.
  2. Shirley Wajda ordered local history notebooks and is donating them to the society.
  3. Veterans – Shirley Wajda emailed Jeff Dreves about rededicating the monument at the center.  Urged the VHS to stay up on this.  Suggested doing this dedication in connection with the VFW.  Could research each veteran that is listed.  Shirley volunteered to do this.
  4. Michelle Garman will take over contact as contact for the Antique Tractor Show.
  5. Approved and signed the Conflict of Interest Policy presented by Dallas. 
  6. Designated Dallas Woodall as power of attorney for VHS.
  7. Designated Huntington National Bank as depository for VHS. 
  8. Mandated that 2 signatures are required on all checks.  Authorized signers are Dallas Woodall, Michele Garman and Vicki Anzur.
  9. Phil Pegg is coordinating the effort to get state historical markers for the Town Green, Hull House and Township Hall and have them put on the National Register of Historical Places.
  10. Designated Shirley Wajda as the VHS Historian.
  11. Coordinating with Lauren Worona to set up cemetery clean up days.
  12. Authorized president or acting president to sign the tax exemption status form.
  13. Stated that Vienna Merchants Day is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2010.
  14. Adjourned AT 6:50 P.M.

Submitted by Vicki Anzur, Secretary